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Benjamin Oneal

Author of

The Benjamin Kroh Series

The Serpent's Gift Series

and Short Stories

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Benjamin Oneal

Benjamin Oneal's Latest Releases

On a warm summer night in central Indiana, a surprisingly well-adjusted serial killer with a successful career as a stand-up comedian and a cherished collection of fingertips has come out to play, and there’s really nothing funny about it.


In the 108,000-word thriller Die Laughing, The Cowboy, aka comedian Robbie Lester, suffers blackouts that seem to be growing in duration. The Darkness, as he calls it, does things, bad things Robbie has no recollection of. While The Cowboy is plagued with The Darkness that haunts him, a vile, deranged killer announces his coming-out party when a body, missing nine of his ten fingertips, is placed on crude display at the site of a former auto-lighting manufacturer. Beside the body of Bobby Jordan is a cooler that contains a baggy of nine fingertips, pieces of nine other individuals, The Killer’s loud and clear announcement to the world that he has murdered at least ten people. With his next display and another baggy full of trophies, he will show them all that he is just warming up.


FBI Agent Benjamin Kroh, of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, has been sent to a town a stone’s throw away from where he spent his childhood. With the help of his team and the local authorities, the case moves in some unforeseen directions. As The Killer continues his spree, cruelly destroying individuals who have angered him in one way or another and collecting trophies from each, Kroh’s gut feeling tells him that they are finally close to stopping the man who has left bodies in nine states, all with the same signature. The Fingertip Killer becomes his own personal quest, one he must hurry to conquer before more fingers and lives are lost, including those of his family.

Someone is leaving the bodies of child molesters along Interstate 69. They are tied securely to a fence post or tree, and sitting naked and alone, waiting to be discovered by some passing motorist. It is clear that their hands were cut from their bodies while they were still alive, and that they bled out where they were found. In their laps are their clothes folded neatly, along with their wallet, and their severed hands on either side; one holds a confession, and one holds a flash drive that documents their evil.


In the thriller Die by Proxy, Mr. Smith, a killer almost as deplorable as the child predators he hunts, is using the vermin as bait. With every disease minded body he leaves along Interstate 69, he pulls agent Benjamin Kroh, of the Behavioral Analysis Unit deeper into the trap that could ultimately end the agent’s life.


Agent Kroh must follow the dangling carrots left by Mr. Smith, even if it puts him in the crosshairs of the most devious serial killer he has ever faced. The morbid enticements bring Kroh and his team, back to his hometown where they stopped the Fingertip Killer, a year before. Why has he brought them here? This is a question that must be answered, if Kroh is to save his friends, his family, and himself.

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Just as the thunderstorm reached its earth-shattering apogee, over a Burns Avenue home in Detroit, a killer watches as the first victim’s eyes move from terror to the blankness of no more. Vengeance drives this killer who seeks justice for a crime committed long ago. Over the next month, three more victims from three different cities would be brutally mutilated and murdered, at the heaviest point of the storms that passed over their homes. It was only after the fourth violent murder, that the authorities finally realized that they were looking at a serial killer.


Due to the weather choice, of each serial killing, the unidentified subject was quickly known as the Rainy Day Killer. Those who were involved with the case began to fear what might be, every time the rain began to fall. Unfortunately, the Rainy Day Killer was far from through. There were more that needed to pay for that rainy day so long ago.


Agent Benjamin Kroh and his team are asked to join the investigation. As the body count rises, and the investigation continues to be plagued by dead ends, Kroh and his team must use every trick in the book, to catch this killer before heavy rains fall again.

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There is a dark and twisted killer preying on the working girls in Sin City. One by one, they disappear from Fremont Street, and are found seven days later, naked, mutilated, with a crucifix burned into their foreheads, and left like garbage along East Lake Mead Boulevard, just outside of Vegas. Agent Benjamin Kroh, and his team are tasked with capturing this evil before it takes more lives.

As Agent Kroh races against time, to stop this depraved killer, an even more dangerous foe from his past, is preparing to once again threaten his life, and the lives of the ones he loves. News of this person’s reappearance, rocks Agent Kroh to his very soul, but he is not the only one. He is called upon by the highest levels of government, to abandon the search for the Crucifix Killer, and concentrate all his efforts on this highly intelligent, well-funded, and completely dangerous predator.

This killer makes no effort to hide the fact that he is the person responsible for a series of macabre displays. With each display, he leaves a new message, taunting Kroh, the object of his hate, his obsession, and his revenge.

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A regrettable yet totally preventable tragedy in a man’s life, causes this normally upstanding law-abiding citizen, to commit the most unthinkable crimes. On a cool late fall evening, a man sets in a dark parking lot waiting for his chance to begin a mission of murder. The target of his mission, are some of the most well-loved people in any community. The board members of the Homeowners Association board members of a northern Indiana neighborhood, were wrapping up business, after a particularly contentious monthly meeting. One by one, he kills each member of the board, leaving the president for last. There is something the president must do first. The mission soon consumes him, and he finds that along with his need to kill, the finding and planning the murders, becomes almost as important and pleasurable as the act itself.


Agent Benjamin Kroh of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is soon involved, in a case, where everyone in each neighborhood is a potential suspect. As the body count continues to rise, with no viable suspects and no credible leads, the pressure to catch the killer, weighs heavily on agent Kroh, and everyone involved in the case.

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What if everything you learned as a child was suddenly proven wrong? What if the son of God was not only flesh and blood, but was also the most despised and evil being in the galaxy? These questions are answered in this story that finds good and evil in a galactic battle for control of a fractured galaxy. The story begins on Earth, as Justin Grant, a professor at a Christian based college in the Midwest is struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife and child. While on a leave of absence, he is hiking through the mountains near a friend’s cabin in Kentucky, he looks up and watches as a man slowly floats towards the ground. He blinks then thinks; “Where is the parachute?  Is that a halo?” Thoughts vanish as the man plummets the last hundred feet to the ground. Justin runs to where the broken man lies, carries him to his cabin, and soon finds out that the man recuperating on his sofa is not of this world. As the stranger’s wounds heal, Justin and the man he now knows as Sandel talk of many things. In Justin finds that he likes this mysterious man. As Justin listens, the story his new friend tells threatens to shatter everything Justin has ever known and in time uncovers the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against mankind.

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This is the exciting sequel and prequel to the Serpent's Gift.


The sequel follows the continuing story of Justin Grant, who rose from a professor at a Christian based college in the Midwest, to the most powerful man on Earth, and one of the top three powers in the galaxy. The sequel begins, as an old enemy returns, willing to sacrifice millions, to regain the power he once enjoyed.


The prequel tells how it all began. It is the story about a friendship between two of the most famous biblical enemies, God and Lucifer. As God rises to power, Lucifer becomes his right hand. As with many things good, they do not always last. When a new God rises to power, Lucifer becomes the most hated fallen angel.


The Rise of the Fallen, brings together the alpha and omega, the beginning, and the end, to complete the story started in The Serpent's Gift.

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A collection of stories that begged to be written, but for one reason or another it was decided that they be presented as 14 short stories. Stories in this book range from sci-fi, to romance, to the end of the world. Stories of environmental reckoning, stories of time travel, stories of promises broken, stories of love that transcends time, and of love that is forbidden. There are also stories that are a part of the universe created in my Benjamin Kroh series. Basically, it is an anthology of Abby Normal thoughts oozing from my weird and sometimes sane mind.

Die by Proxy

"Mr. Smith" is torturing and killing child molesters and leaving them where they will be seen. He leaves a confession in one hand and a flash drive in another. Their clothes are in their laps, their hands have been severed.

What the FBI doesn't know is that "Mr. Smith" is using these deaths as bait..especially for Agent Benjamin Kroh. These killings are leading back to Kroh's hometown. . Why has he brought them here? This is a question that must be answered, if Kroh is to save his friends, his family, and himself.

This is not fast-paced, but the suspense comes in a steady flow. The author has spent a lot of time on character development of the good guys and the bad. It's a complex plot but extremely fascinating to follow.

Amazon Review


Die Laughing

Absolutely LOVE this book! i actually bought it at Indiana Comic-Con 2021 after seeing Ben's really funny "jesus wouldn't want you to read this book" sign. immediately hooked! i am just getting ready to start chapter 13 and already SOOO much has happened. it's absolutely nothing like any other murder mystery books that i've ever read which i LOVE because storylines can definitely get overused!! i bought this one and the second one in the series and i can't wait to finish both! sorry, ben, for taking so long to leave a review! happy readying everyone!

Amazon Review

Die Laughing

It took me a few pages to get into this book because as with many new books the story begins slowly. This for me, was not because of the story, but perhaps because of the editing. The unexpected shift between third person and first person narrative, took me by surprise, along with the changes in verb tense within some of the sentences. I was mistaken by what I thought was a re-hash of a predictable story, but just when I suspected I had it all figured out, the author of "Die Laughing", Ben Oneal, speedily took the tale in an unexpected direction that demanded my continued reading till I reached the end! I dared not put it down for fear the characters would get into a situation that only I could prevent by contnually "reading them to safety" if you understand what I mean by that experession. It was as if I was part of the investigative team suggesting to myself as I read, different investigative strategies for capturing the very clever, but sick and deranged, serial killer! I'm very glad I ran across this book and will continue to look for more from Ben Oneal!!

Amazon Review

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